Main activities:

  • Preparation, reviewing and updating National Disaster Management Plan and National emergency Operation Plan
  • Coordinating, directing and monitoring of preparation of disaster preparedness and response  plans at provincial, district, local authority, divisional and Grama Niladhari levels
  • Coordinate and assist health authorities on preparation of preparedness plans for emergency response for hospitals
  • Coordinate and assist Ministry of Education for implementing the School Disaster Safety Programme 
  • Strengthening Local Authorities for emergency response
  • Development of response plans for different hazards such as cyclone, floods, landslides etc
  • Identification of vulnerable communities for different hazards and implement preparedness activities to ensure the safety of people during disasters
    • Formation of disaster management committees and sub committees\
    • Awareness on disaster management, hazards, vulnerability
    • Preparation of hazard map for the village showing safe locations, safe routes, etc
    • Conducting mock drills
    • Distribution of equipment such as megaphones for early warning dissemination within the village
    • Distribution of equipment such as boats, anguls for emergency response


Call Center

General: +94 112 136 136
Emergency Operation Center:+94 112 136 222 /
+94 112 670 002
Fax: +94 11 2670079