As per the Sri Lanka Disaster Management Act 2005, the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) was endowed with the task of preparing the National Emergency Operation Plan (NEOP) and under the legislative framework of NEOP, the Disaster Management Policy of the country, the Disaster Management Act, No.13 of 2005 and the National Disaster Management Plan, 2013 - 2017, are considered as major documents empowering emergency operations.

NEOP is a plan describing the management arrangements; relationships; Operations Procedure; mechanism for ensuring effective response to disaster or emergency situation if and when they occur; and specifying roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in different disaster scenarios. It describes a time frame for actions to establish various operational frameworks in the country to achieve a "Readiness State" to effectively respond in case of an emergency. The users of this plan would be all stakeholders.

It establishes the relevant lines of authority and organizational relationships, coordinating all relevant actions in emergencies and disasters.

The institutional responsibilities and responses for different types of disasters are depicted in the NEOP.

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