Safety-day-2-2018The National Safety day was announced as per a cabinet approval on 26th of December and this day is continuously commemorated in every year. On this day people who dead due to the Tsunami are commemorated and many religious activities are conducted.

On this Safety day in 2018, priority will be given to multi religious activities and awareness programme around the country.

National Programme on National Safety day will be held in Gall District of Paraliya in front of the Tsunami Monument at 9.00 am onwards with the participation of the tri forces police and general public.
All Ministries, Public institutes and other government organizations are requested to observe 2 minutes silence from the 9.25 am to 9.27 am to commemorate all who dead due to Tsunami and other disaster and also requested to conducted multi-religious programme to pursuit of merit to all dead due to the disasters.


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