Vision, Mission & Objectives
  Our Beginning
  The Disaster Management Centre has been established under the National Council for Disaster Management in accordance with the Sri Lanka Disaster Management Act No. 13 of 2005 passed by the Parliament of Sri Lanka on 13th May 2005.
  Our Vision
  Safer communities and sustainable development in Sri Lanka .
  Our Mission
  To create a culture of safety among communities and the nation at large through systematic management of natural, technological and man-made disaster risks.
  Our Objectives
  Through countrywide ministries, departments and public corporations, Provincial Councils and local authority administration; and district, division and Grama Niladhari administration; to enforce, coordinate and monitor activities related to,
  Hazard Mapping and Risk Assessment.
  Information Management.
  Long-term disaster mitigation.
  Forecasting, early warning and information dissemination.
  Preparedness to respond to disasters when they occur.
  Emergency Operations Management.
  Management of the post-disaster activities after a disaster.